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LG Hitachi Ltd.


History of our company

1986~1995 history
1986 ’GoldStar-Hitachi Systems’ Founded
’GoldStar-Hitachi Systems’ Founded
1987 Launched Main Frame
1993 Launched Financial SI
1995 Changed Company Name to LG Hitachi Ltd.
Launched Public SI
1996~2005 history
1996 Launched Storage (HDS)
2000 LG Transferred Mgmt. Rights to Hitachi
Launched Network
LG Transferred Mgmt. Rights to Hitachi
2002 Established a Japan Branch
Launched IC Card∙RFID
2003 Reached 100 Billion(KRW) on sales
Reached 100 Billion(KRW) on sales
2005 Launched Blade Server
2006~2015 history
2006 Launched Security Solution
2009 Launched UTIS, U-City Solutions
Launched UTIS, U-City Solutions
2010 Implemented Logistics Information Synchronization National Research Project
2012 Launched Public Infra SI
2014 Opened Daejeon, Busan Office
Opened Daejeon, Busan Office
2015 Launched FinTech Service
2016~2025 history
2017 Launched IoT Solution (Flow-based Object Tracking Solution)
Won the Minister of Science and ICT Award at '2017 4th Industrial Revolution Power Korea'
2018 Launched Biometric Payment Service (Finger Vein)
2021 Participate in the development project of smart hospital leading model using biometric authentication
2022 Merged into ITCEN Group
Changed company name to ‘CloCEN Co., Ltd.'